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What Are Mobile CCTV Towers?

Posted on 08/02/24

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Mobile Surveillance CCTV Towers are stand alone, portable units that are designed to provide a fully comprehensive remote monitoring system to use in areas that require temporary security measures, such as construction sites, events, festivals, or places where installing a permanent CCTV system isn’t a viable option. These towers are usually equipped with multiple high definition security cameras to offer a robust 360 degree view of the surrounding area, along with lights, sensors, and numerous other security features to help ensure that the area in question is fully monitored. 

One of the main features of mobile surveillance towers is the flexibility and ease of installation, allowing them to be set up, installed and controlled very easily with minimal disruption to the site. This has made them one of the most valuable and sought after security measures for areas where temporary security monitoring is needed. Not only this, but they are often available to hire as well as to buy outright, which can make them a far more economically viable alternative to permanent security solutions. 

Mobile CCTV towers can come with a number of different power supply options, including being connected to mains electricity, along with more portable options such as solar and battery power. Both mains and solar powered mobile CCTV towers usually come equipped with chargeable batteries to store backup power, which allow extra portability and transportation if needed, as well as protecting against power failures and lack of sunlight. Solar powered mobile surveillance towers are fantastic for such applications such as border monitoring and development sites where easy access to mains power is prohibited, and these often come with methanol fuel cell batteries to store the energy that is generated by the sun. 

These surveillance towers often come with other features beyond just CCTV monitoring, including comprehensive control systems including telemetry and diagnostic solutions to help the user monitor their towers, along with 4G communications allowing the user to view the camera feed from anywhere across the world. Time lapse capabilities is another feature of these towers, allowing the user to view footage quickly to spot security issues without needing to waste valuable time.

One major advantage of using mobile CCTV towers is as a deterrent towards anyone who may be inclined to commit crimes or any form of security breach. When intruders or criminals see security measures, they are more likely to refrain from engaging in malicious or criminal activity for fear of being caught. Alongside this, the presence of these towers can prevent accidents and other health and safety issues by ensuring compliance with safety regulations for fear of being caught being liable for damage.

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