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Metal Detecting Knife Arches

We offer affordable, reliable and efficient metal arches to a wide range of applications including schools, universities, nightclubs, hotels, festivals, hospitals and more.

What are metal detecting knife arches?
Metal detecting knife arches are a fantastic addition to your security structure. They are stand-alone structures that resemble a door frame. When a metal object passes through the walk through metal detector, an alarm is activated consisting of an audible and a visual signal. The most common application for metal detecting knife arches is airport security, however they have many applications, including and not limited to sports events, schools, nightclubs, pubs and events companies. Due to their size, metal detecting knife arches also serve as a visual deterrent for those who are carrying harmful metal items.
How does a metal detecting knife arch work?
Metal detecting knife arches typically use pulse induction technology. Sending a burst of current through a wire coil, creating a magnetic field. When a metal object passes through the magnetic field, a reflected magnetic field is created, triggering a reaction with the receiver coil. This activates the alarm systems.

Typically, a pulse indication knife arch walk through metal detector emits 100 pulses per second. However, depending on the make and model, this can range from 25pps to over 1000pps.

Walk through metal detectors create a large magnetic field that covers the space inside the frame. If a person walks through with metal on their person, the alarm will be set off, informing security personnel that the person is carrying a potentially dangerous metal object.

Metal detecting knife arches with multiple zones can tell security personnel exactly where on the person metal is located. The more zones a metal detecting knife arch has, the more accurate it is.

Multi zone metal detecting knife arches contain multiple coils which create separate detection zones. Able to detect multiple objects and display all areas where metal can be found. The alarm lights on the legs of the unit highlight to security where metal is on a person.

What can metal detecting knife arches detect?
In short metal detecting knife arches detect metal objects. This ranges from weapons like knives, guns and knuckle dusters to other potentially harmful or unwanted items such as needles, phones, vapes and lighters. By adjusting the sensitivity and frequency of the metal detecting knife arch you can tailor the arch to suit your preferences.
What are the advantages of having a metal detecting knife arch?
A metal detecting knife arch adds an additional layer of security to your establishment. Walk through metal detectors have a range of practical applications including show and event security and security systems for schools. Revealing hidden, potentially harmful metal objects that may have been missed by the naked eye of a security guard. You may be a school worried about students bringing in contraband such as phones, lighters and vapes, or a nightclub concerned about needles and knives on your premises. A metal detecting knife arch will be able to alert your staff, providing you with peace of mind that your site is safe from these undesirable items.
What are the benefits of metal detecting knife arches for education centres?
With the massive rise in knife culture particularly in young people, a metal detecting knife arch serves as a deterrent for students, who seek to bring this culture into schools. Metal detecting knife arches can be important security systems for schools, helping highlight to staff which students are attempting to bring knives into the school, preventing these weapons from entering the school.

Further applications for metal detecting knife arches in schools are the detection of items such as lighters, vapes and phones. These items can potentially be disruptive to a school environment. Therefore, a metal detecting knife arch can detect these items on a student. By detecting the metal inside a phone, regardless as to whether it’s turned on or off, and the metal coils in vape, a metal detecting knife arch will help staff keep these items out of schools.


Walk Through Metal Detector

Pre-configured 18 zone metal detector
255 levels of sensitivity
Live alarm count display and person count
Audbile alarm
Side mounted LED's to highlight detection area
Mains powered for internal use
Password Protection
Door External Size
2230mm(L) x 835mm(W) x 580mm(H)
Door Internal Size
1990mm(L) x 700mm(W) x 500mm(H)
Weight 70KG
Metal Detecting Knife Arch for sale and hire

£1200.00 (Inc VAT)


Portable Walk Through Metal Detector

Pre-configured 18 zone metal detector
255 levels of sensitivity
Live alarm count display
Audbile alarm
Side mounted LED's to highlight detection area
Waterproof IP65 for external use
15w power consumption
Door External Size
2310mm(L) x 960mm(W) x 656mm(H)
Door Internal Size
2000mm(L) x 710mm(W) x 600mm(H)
Weight 78KG

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Help secure your event

Perfect for Festivals, Music Concerts, Night clubs, Conference Centres, Stadiums and more. With no minimum hiring period, our best walk through metal detectors can help you safely and cost effectively make your event more secure. We can also provide off-grid battery powered arches for remote areas.


Safer Education

Short term hire available

Suitable for Colleges, Schools, Universities and Education centres, to make your students education safer or to add an extra level of short term security or reassurance. Knife archest are known for being one of the most effective ways to stop knife crime in schools. Hire for a single term, or after an incident, with our flexible hiring terms we have a solution for you.

Full Support

Logistics, Set-up and Training

Using our inhouse stock we can quickly arrange hiring requirements across the UK including transport, set-up, training and support. Fast and effective installation from a trsusted UK Security specialist.


Highest Standards

Our advanced professional level metal detecting arches are used by the Met Police, GMP police, and many night clubs and music venues throughout the UK, bolstering our reputation as suppliers of the best walk through metal detectors on the market.

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