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LTS at The Security Event 2024 at NEC Birmingham
April 30th to May 2nd - 2024
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Video Solutions
For Security Professionals

Security Equipment for the UK Including CCTV Distribution, Mobile CCTV Towers, Metal Arches & ANPR.
LT Security UK is a trusted manufacturer and supplier of security equipment in the UK. We offer unrivalled video surveillance solutions and support to the security industry. We offer a wide range of products including rapid deployment CCTV systems, ANPR, metal detecting knife arches and much more. We develop and support exciting new technologies such as brand new solar powered CCTV cameras and mobile CCTV towers to revolutionise the security industry to improve safety across the country.

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Latest Updates

BIG launch at The Security Event at the NEC at the end of April

Well look who dropped by again! Twice as in as many weeks Mark Wall dropped by to update us on a special hardware colab we are working on for a BIG launch at The Security Event at the NEC at the end of April. This will certainly put clear blue water between the Mobile CCTV […]

Exciting Update: Successful Demo of LTS UK 365 Lighting Tower!

We are thrilled to share the news of our latest triumph – a flawless demonstration of our cutting-edge LTS UK 365 Lighting Tower. Powered by solar energy and equipped with a Methanol fuel cell backup, this innovative technology is set to redefine the standards of mobile lighting and surveillance. Illuminate Your Surroundings: Experience a brilliant […]

Out with the old, and in with the old…? CCTV Tower Refurbishment

Straight off the refurbishment production line this morning, a Mobile CCTV Solar Methanol Tower from LTS UK ltd. Not the newest of towers, indeed it is the second spin of CCTV Technology in the tower nearly 4 years old now. This particular unit will be heading out on a major infrastructure project and is an […]

How Do Metal Detecting Knife Arches Work?

Metal detecting knife arches are large, doorframe like structures fitted with a powerful metal detector designed to spot potentially dangerous items concealed on the person passing through. When a metal object passes through the frame, there is both an audio and visual alarm component to alert your security staff. These metal detecting knife arches have […]

The use of Solar Powered Towers in the UK

So it begins, the days get longer, the Sun grows stronger, and Installers thoughts turn once more to the installation of Solar Powered CCTV Towers. Armed with some ‘blue sky’ specification data, from both Solar Panel and Battery manufacturers, the installer may well be tempted to dive in at the deep end and look to […]

LTS at The Security Event 2024

Unveiling Cutting-Edge Mobile CCTV Technology In the ever-evolving landscape of security solutions, LTS is at the forefront, revolutionising the industry with its state-of-the-art Mobile CCTV Tower technology. The Security Event (TSE) at NEC Birmingham from April 30th to May 2nd, 2024, is set to be the stage where LTS unveils its latest innovations. From cost-efficient […]

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