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New product alert – New Compact TST for off-grid mobile sites

Posted on 22/11/23

LTS UK are proud to announce the deployment of the first of their new Compact Total Solar Tower for mobile ‘off grid’ applications.

LTS UK are proud to announce the deployment of the first of their new Compact Total Solar Tower for mobile ‘off-grid’ applications.

Based on the exciting new TM Compact mast and trailer solution this set-up is designed to be flexible and move as projects such as pipeline installation progress. The solar array delivers a serious punch in terms of power to charge the batteries, and the (optional) use of a small methanol fuel cell is available for when tree or terrain cover prevents adequate power rake from the sun. Sharing a similar philosophy in power drain and utilisation to the Total off-grid solutions LTS UK now offers. The new surveillance technology, enables the Installer to utilise solar as a legitimate power source 365 days a year even in the Northern latitudes of the UK. The Development Team at LTS UK has been working hard over the past few months to produce a model that actually works for the Premium end of the Mobile CCTV market, and now have achieved this important milestone with the clever use of the very latest cutting-edge technology.

The Towers feature the Second Gen PDC management CPU developed in-house, together with revolutionary fibreglass panels, and lithium battery technology. The result gives not only stunning power storage capabilities but also manages the power used by the surveillance tech in the towers. Remote telemetry allows full visibility and control to also ensure the tower is working at its optimal performance, thus maximising margins made from surveillance towers deployed to the site.

Available with HIK or Dahua Camera technology this flexible tri-wing top design can be adapted to multiple site applications including perimeter fence line or compound management. All in all the total package brings the word ‘affordability’ into the Premium end of the mobile surveillance tower sphere.

Feel free to contact us at LTS UK for details and deals.

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