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What Are The Benefits Of Mobile CCTV Towers?

Posted on 08/02/24

LTS UK are proud to announce the deployment of the first of their new ‘Total Solar 1095’ next generation mobile CCTV Towers to sites.

Mobile surveillance towers are an essential facet of many modern day security systems. They are completely portable stand alone CCTV units that can transmit their feed via 4G networks, and often either use solar power or run off mains electricity. They are often used in a variety of scenarios, including everything from construction sites to festivals and events. Here, LTS will guide you through some of the biggest advantages of using these rapid-deployment mobile CCTV towers to strengthen your security approach. 

One advantage of using mobile CCTV units is the increased visibility that this will bring to your site. Mobile surveillance towers are equipped with an array of state of the art security features including but not limited to high-definition cameras, motion sensors, night vision capabilities, and remote viewing capabilities. They can capture video and images across a wide area, allowing for greater coverage to ensure that any security breaches are captured and dealt with instantaneously.

Another advantage that comes with the use of these towers is their rapid deployment capabilities. Mobile CCTV towers can be deployed and set up in as little time as 20 minutes. This gives them a colossal edge over permanent CCTV solutions, which can sometimes take weeks or months to get up and running properly. These towers are also highly flexible and mobile, and can be moved around a site easily and at will to find the best position where they are most needed. 

One of the most obvious advantages of using mobile security towers is for use where only temporary security measures are required, such as construction sites and weekend events such as festivals. The ability to hire or buy temporary security measures such as these can help save companies huge costs, only paying to use security measures when they are needed. Not only this, but since these towers are often powered by renewable energy sources such as solar powers, they are likely to incur far less in operating costs than permanent surveillance solutions that run on the grid.

A major benefit of using temporary security measures such as our rapid deployment mobile surveillance towers is also the deterrence and prevention of crime. Studies have shown that people are far likely to commit offences when they know they are being caught on camera, and the sight of one of our state-of-the-art mobile CCTV towers is sure to give vandals and criminals second thoughts. Alongside this, the presence of these towers can prevent accidents and other health and safety issues by ensuring compliance with safety regulations for fear of being caught being liable for damage.

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