Mobile CCTV Tower

New Multi-Object Tracking Radar Mobile CCTV Tower from STL UK

Further to our exciting new Brand name launch at IFSEC 2019. STL UK are pleased to announce the first production models entering service in some of the most hostile environments on the planet.

STL UK (Surveillance Technology unLimited)
The All new Brand STL UK

Featuring the 360Vision Predator Radar HD PTZ, the Mobile CCTV Tower is capable of tracking up to 8 separate objects over a 400 Metre radius regardless of obstructions and other noise created by infrastructure such as wires and pylons.

The first models have entered the field using our Dual solar panel option, powering these Towers in their secret locations for 24 hours day and night, without the need for any external power or internal fuel cells.

Sample Brochures will be available shortly, but please see the attached demonstration videos to grasp how the award winning technology works.

People Tracking

Dual Screen Object Tracking

(both videos play with VLC Media Player)

Towers Brochure

More information can be obtained by calling us – +44 1684 770340


STL UK at IFSEC 2019 & Telesopic Mast