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How Do Metal Detecting Knife Arches Work?

Posted on 14/02/24

Metal Detecitng Knife Arch United Kindgom England

Metal detecting knife arches are large, doorframe like structures fitted with a powerful metal detector designed to spot potentially dangerous items concealed on the person passing through. When a metal object passes through the frame, there is both an audio and visual alarm component to alert your security staff. These metal detecting knife arches have proven very useful in such applications as in schools/universities, bars & nightclubs, festivals, sport events, and most commonly airport security. They also serve as an important visual deterrent towards anyone trying to bring suspicious items into any of these scenarios.

In most circumstances, walk-through metal detectors use pulse induction technology. This works by sending a bust of current through a wire coil, creating a magnetic field. This allows it to detect when a metal object passes through as it creates a reflected magnetic field which triggers a reaction with a receiver coil. This then triggers the alarm system. The size of the magnetic field is large, fully covering the entire space inside the frame, meaning any metal object will be detected no matter where on the person it is situated.

A typical pulse induction powered knife arch will often contain multiple zones, which can detect exactly where on a person the metal object is being hidden. Normally in these circumstances, the more zones a metal detector has, the more accurate the detection. Multi zone metal detecting knife arches contain multiple coils which create separate detection zones which are able to detect multiple objects and display all areas where metal can be found. The visual alarm will then highlight the position of the metal object on the person to a security official.

Metal detecting knife arches are designed to detect any kind of metal object ranging from weapons such as guns, knives, and knuckle dusters, to other potentially banned or unwanted items such as vapes, lighters, mobile phones and needles. Our walk-through metal detectors have adjustable sensitivity settings which can be customised to suit your preferences. Contact LTS to hire one of our knife arches today.

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