LTS UK New ECO Friendly CCTV Towers

LTS UK CCTV Surveillance reducing Carbon emissions, saving the planet one Tower at a time…

A 50W camera powered by a conventional diesel generator will emit 2.5kg of CO2 per hour. The CO2 footprint of the same camera powered by our HYMERA and hydrogen gas will be less than 20g per hour.

This means on the average Tower deployment typical

ly around 4 months, there will be a saving of a whopping 6.6 Tonnes of CO2 emissions. This staggering amount brings into sharp focus the use of diesel generators and engines in the Construction Industry.

If we then add in the use of one of our Solar panel (Helios Packs) the numbers close in on savings well over 7 tonnes of carbon emissions over this period of time.

Call us for more details on our compelling Mobile Surveillance Towers manufactured by TelescopicMast and fitted with our innovative STL UK Technology – 01684 770340