Mobile CCTV Surveillance Towers

We have an extensive range of CCTV Towers (fully CE certified) with a range of Fuel Cell Options, as well as Solar power.

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Applications – Building Sites, Manned Guarding Sites, Industrial Estates, Infrastructure Projects, Rail and Road Projects, Oil Pipe line Protection, Border Protection, Military Applications & Festivals.
Towers made great by Telescopic Mast, and made awesome by STL UK

LTS Mobile CCTV Surveillance Tower

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Model Number: LTS Rapid Deployment Tower 6.5M

The LTS Rapid Deployment Tower offers a new more flexible approach to rapid deployment surveillance in the CCTV Surveillance Industry. The Tower comes in a multiple number of Surveillance configurations and energy sources in order to meet the requirements of some of the most difficult and remote applications and can actually fit inside a medium sized van or truck and deployed within minutes by a two person installation team.
Technical Details – The LTS Rapid Deployment Tower come in a base configuration but we are able to bespoke designs in order for you to match specific applications to the specific application needs. So if you don’t see what you need please feel free to call us for a quotation. Find out more