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Unveiling the Future of Mobile Surveillance

Posted on 03/05/24

LTS UK’s Upgraded CCTV Towers and Innovative Software Solutions

LTS UK is thrilled to announce significant upgrades to our range of portable CCTV Towers, coupled with the introduction of cutting-edge software designed to revolutionise mobile surveillance management. Our updated portfolio now includes three distinct types of security towers and a suite of software tools that enhance operational efficiency and reliability.

Tailored Solutions for Diverse Security Needs

Our latest range of CCTV Towers is engineered to address varied security scenarios, ensuring that every installation is optimised for its specific environment:

  • Solar-Powered Model: Ideal for locations with abundant sunlight, this model operates entirely on solar energy, providing a green and cost-effective surveillance solution.
  • Hybrid Solar and Fuel Cell Model: Combining solar power with fuel cell technology, this tower offers extended operation times and reliability in less sunny conditions, ensuring continuous protection.
  • Compact Model: Designed for ultimate mobility, this model is perfect for temporary events or areas where space is a premium, providing the same high-level surveillance in a more agile form factor.

These towers are entirely off-grid capable, offering robust and flexible solutions to meet any security challenge without the need for traditional power sources.

Introducing the “Tower Portal” Software

To complement our hardware upgrades, we are also launching the “Tower Portal,” a sophisticated software tool that monitors the health of each CCTV Tower. Key features include:

  • Remote Monitoring: Track battery charge levels, solar efficiency, and fuel cell fuel levels in real-time.
  • Energy Management: Calculate the estimated time until the battery depletes and remotely control camera operations to conserve power during low charge or solar failure, reducing downtime until maintenance can be performed.
  • Predictive Analytics: View live and historical data in graphical form, predict trends, and produce tailored Service and Maintenance plans.

This platform transforms how fleet owners manage and optimise their mobile CCTV surveillance towers, enabling precise monitoring and management from anywhere in the world.

Real-Time Data and Fleet Management with the CCTV Site Management Portal

The CCTV Site Management Portal is another innovative addition, providing fleet owners with real-time updates of vital power and voltage data, GPS locations, and a graphical user interface (GUI) that maps out all towers deployed in a region. This comprehensive tool allows for the assessment of the cost and profitability of a tower fleet, aiding in maximising margins and enhancing operational efficiency.

Enhancing Visibility and Safety with the STL UK Mobile CCTV Surveillance Tower Marker/Alarm Light Kit

To further increase the functionality and safety of our towers, we introduce the STL UK Mobile CCTV Surveillance Tower Marker/Alarm Light Kit. Compatible with any Telescopicmast CCTV Tower, these ultra-low-power LEDs not only provide high visibility of tower functionality but also feature an impressive alarm sequence, alerting to any operational issues or security threats.


With these enhancements, LTS UK is setting new standards in mobile surveillance solutions. Our portable CCTV Towers, combined with our advanced management software, offer a seamless, efficient, and highly adaptable security system. Whether for a construction site, large-scale event, or remote infrastructure, our solutions provide the reliability and flexibility required to protect your assets and ensure peace of mind.

To explore how our upgraded CCTV Towers and software solutions can benefit your security operations, or to schedule a demonstration, please contact our sales team. Stay ahead of security challenges with LTS UK’s innovative solutions—where technology meets surveillance.

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