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LTS UK Ltd. Pioneers Cutting-Edge Mobile CCTV Tower for Highways Agency Construction Projects

Posted on 07/06/24

Malvern, UK, 5th June 2024 – LTS UK Ltd., a leader in innovative Mobile CCTV Tower security solutions, is proud to announce the design and construction of a ground-breaking Mobile CCTV Tower, specifically tailored for the Highways Agency. This state-of-the-art surveillance system integrates advanced surface mount solar panel technology with methanol fuel cell technology, paired with the 360 Vision Invictus PTZ Camera Technology.

The new Mobile CCTV Tower represents a significant advancement in road construction and monitoring capabilities, reflecting LTS UK Ltd.’s commitment to harnessing cutting-edge technologies for public infrastructure projects. The tower is designed to offer unparalleled surveillance performance, ensuring comprehensive coverage and enhanced security across the UK’s road networks. LTS UK ltd. working with their Installation partners will be rolling these Towers out over the coming weeks demonstrating once again the capabilities of this innovative and creative Company to meet the exact needs of the end clients specifications.

LTS UK ltd. Is an Industry-leading manufacturer of CCTV Towers based in Malvern, Worecestershire, UK.

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