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LTS UK launches our T365 Off-Grid Tower

Posted on 21/04/22

It has been a busy start to 2022 here at LTS UK with our research and development team in full force.

So much so, we are delighted to introduce you to our latest product development, the T365 Off-Grid Tower!

The key features of our T365 Off-Grid Tower are:

  • 4x fixed cameras with 360° coverage with 40M range (80M in diameter).
  • LTS IP 68 rated PDM CPU design (Live battery status, device power management, low fuel and battery alarms, Geo-fencing).
  • 3/4G router with fixed IP or VPN options.
  • Over 8sq.M Advertising space
  • Loudspeaker for audio challenge.
  • Up to 800w of solar power generation.
  • Eco-Friendly ‘mini’ Methanol Fuel cell.
  • Over 96hrs battery backup.
  • Dual south solar panel configurations.
  • Fully transportable, deployed in minutes!

What is unique about our offering?

Our 365 Total Off-Grid Tower offers an eco-friendly, off-grid solution to powering surveillance towers throughout the year with no mains supply or requirements to charge batteries offsite.  This tower is powered through solar panels and a mini methanol fuel cell to keep the batteries topped up and the tower powered in the winter months when there is limited sunlight.

The graph above shows how we expect the tower to be powered throughout the year. 

Using our solar configuration, we expect to keep the tower running self-sufficiently for nearly 10 months of the year powered by the sun. During this time the tower operates with ‘total zero’ carbon emissions.

In order to ensure maximum reliability through a UK winter period, a small methanol fuel cell is fitted to supplement the solar yield. Depending on the site specific conditions we expect an average Methanol fuel usage of between 30 and 40 litres per year, when the sun doesn’t shine. To minimise the visits to site a 60L fuel cartridge is fitted meaning the number of visits to a site is kept to an absolute minimum.

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