Walk Through Metal Detectors and Knife Arches


We at LTS UK Ltd are offering as part of our extensive suite of products a range of Multi Zone Walk Through Metal Detectors that can be used in many applications. The range adapts from static or fixed locations and applications like Schools, Hospitals, Train Stations, Airports, Hotels etc. to more portable systems that can be set up in more flexible and portable applications like Festivals, Concerts, Open air gatherings and so on and also include control of the gate Via Android Smartphone APP. As such this represents a perfect synergy with our mobile Tower Surveillance products.

With the current fear of knife crime throughout many communities in the UK, we are pleased to be able to offer an affordable Knife Arch or concealed weapon metal detector. Aesthetically pleasing and multi zone detection means that this is all you need to keep your College, School, Hospital, Restaurant, Cafe, Bar, Club, Hotel or Business safe without breaking the bank. Please see the data sheet here. For further details of a demonstration or prices, please feel free to call or email us.

We have a range of more portable Metal Arches / Knife Arches also. These can be easily transported and operate on low voltage (battery based supplies if needed) details can be found here – Download PDF brochure. For application specific projects please feel free to call us on – +44 1684 770340