Smart just got Smarter! AI meets HD-CCTV and Control4 Smart home technology!

Safire True-Sense Artificial Intelligence, Control4, HD-CCTV
All in one surveillance space


Safire AI meets Control4 smart home technology

Overview – Smart Home surveillance the background

Bringing all of your devices together under one wrapper is the goal of many homeowners and one of the Leaders in Smart Home Technology is Control4.

Historically marrying Surveillance into this Technology has not been easy and hasn’t always given the User access to the latest Technology and features expected from a leading edge domestic surveillance system.

The Safire True-Sense range changes all of that bringing the best of the latest Artificial Intelligence algorithms combined with the very best HD and UHD surveillance cameras on the market, exclusively available from LTS UK Ltd.

The Solution – How to view the best quality CCTV pictures in the home

The use of the True-Sense Technology allows full integration with Control4 equipment meaning there is one access point for all the home surveillance needs. We can view live security camera footage on domestic TV’s, Control4 touchscreens, and mobile devices. This also helps the User remotely connect and command their home, from virtually anywhere. Streaming pictures from the high definition day night CCTV cameras is easy as Control4 supports the same streaming protocols. Ultimately it will deliver superior video quality at 80% or more bandwidth savings, increasing efficiency and reliability and adding to the Users peace of mind.

With Control4, it’s easy to check in on home from anywhere in the world—right from your smartphone.

Safire’s True-Sense IP cameras and  Network Video Recorders (NVRs) can be fully integrated with Control4 so you can view all of your cameras on any television in real time or see video of what happened throughout the day, last week, or last month.

Safire by LTS UK True-Sense technology

The purpose of video surveillance is to monitor and control scenes to ensure the safety of people and property. The visual component is ideal for many purposes but has the problem of generating many false alarms. The new Safire devices equipped with True-sense technology make it possible to achieve a high level of reliability in the detection of incidents even compared to some intrusion systems.

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New from LTS UK ltd a complete range of AI CCTV technology fully integrated to Control4 smart home tech,