Pre-Fire or hot spot detection using CCTV Thermal and Optical Video streams & Analytics



APPLICATIONS – Warehouses, Storage Facilities, Rubbish Dumps, Hazardous Waste Sites, Tyre Storage hubs, Logistics Facilities, Roof Spaces and Voids, Commercial Premises, Churches, Museums, Cathedrals and Critical Infrastructure.

Warehouse and Storage Facility Fires – The Risk

The cost and trauma of a fire in a warehouse goes far beyond the loss of the building and goods.  The consequential loss caused by downtime, operation interruption, business reputation and goodwill can be significant for a modern day operation.

Current day goods also tend to have increased flammability, in addition to the presence of large amounts of packing materials such as plastics, cardboard, wooden crates and pallets. There are various possible ignition sources in warehouses and storage areas, including smoking, lighting, electrical equipment and heaters.  Although sprinklers are typically installed in warehouses, the lack of an appropriate early warning fire or hot spot detection system can not only compromise the safety of the facility but also that of adjacent buildings.

Fortunately, protecting life and inventory is much easier for even the largest warehouses and storage areas as Thermal hot spot detection technology becomes more widely adopted.  The process actively looks and monitors Thermal signatures throughout a facility and can give a pre alarm, as well as a main alarm when predetermined thresholds are reached.  The core technology has been used for decades in rescue applications and now is very affordable and a great way of detecting potential fire issues before they become a problem.

Compared to traditional spot smoke detectors and other technologies, this approach dramatically improves warehouse facility safety by detecting hot spots at the earliest possible stage with a large coverage, while reducing false alarms and maintenance. In essence as an example a hot spot of 90° Centigrade, whilst a danger to health, may not trigger a traditional fire alarm system, it is certainly worthy of a check. Paper combusts at 233° Centigrade, but at that point the fire would constitute a different scenario completely.

The LTS UK Hot Spot Detection system becomes a key asset in the identification of Hot Spot Hazards before they become real issues and potentially cause devastating fires risking lives, stock and profitability.

How CCTV Detects Hot Spots –

The use of Dual Optical and Thermal Cameras gives a visual reference in both visible and a Thermal spectrum. The scene is set up and calibrated according to ambient conditions. The thresholds for both Pre alarm, and full alarm are then set, and can be programmed from the camera or NVR alarm outputs to either trigger alarms via contact closure, or alert an Alarm Receiving Centre, or email to a phone of a likely problem, together with streaming live images so an assessment can be made accordingly. Any procedures or checks on site can then be made to decide what action is needed.

Detecting heat hot spots before they become active fires with CCTV

What Equipment is needed?

STL-IPTCV792-A-7D2 Dual Thermal Optical Cameras

Configured on either a wall mount bracket or on a mobile Surveillance Tower.

Depending then on the requirements for Alarm generation, connections will then possibly require an NVR with Alarm signalling via an Internet Connection.

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