New Average Speed Check & Traffic Light Violation ANPR Technology for the Commercial or Private Sector



The Feature set has been available for a while now to local and National Government to police and encourage road safety, so now we are offering these features to the wider public and commercial sectors via our Premium Installer Scheme.

Average Speed Checking ANPR software from LT Security UK LtdAVERAGE SPEED CHECKING enables a single ANPR camera to monitor a stretch of road or driveway and record both number plates and speeds. Alarms can be set at certain speed limits the information being stored in an exportable data file, along with a still jpeg picture of the car in the location.

The system works by measuring the speed over 2 fixed points in the picture, thus gaining an accurate assessment of speed of a passing vehicle. Contact us for more details or an online demonstration. A data sheet can be downloaded HERE.

Traffic Light Violation ANPR Software from LTS UK Ltd.

TRAFFIC SIGNAL VIOLATIONS are monitored in conjunction with a set of traffic lights. If a vehicle crosses the predetermined lines with the correct direction vectors, then once again an alarm is triggered and a still JPEG along with the number plate data is stored in a data base. This data base can be exported to an excel data sheet for further follow up and action. Contact us for more details or an online demonstration. A data sheet can be downloaded HERE.

ANPR Equipment form LTS UK Ltd.


LTS UK have nearly 10 years’ experience in the manufacture of ANPR systems for the public, private and commercial sectors of the surveillance industry. If you have any special requirements for any form of ANPR systems covering plates of multi nationalities then please give us a call – +44 1684 770340