Mobile Surveillance Towers

LTS UK Mobile Surveillance Tower Deployed on Site

Mobile CCTV Surveillance Towers is an area that has grown greatly in the last few years. LTS UK Ltd is a leader in innovation and technology in this sector. Our tower technology is designed with simplicity and serviceability in mind. This should lead to reduced service costs, especially Field Service Labour.

As a result, we now offer the perfect solution combining Solar with a Hydrogen or Methanol fuel cell, that potentially reduces repeat field service visits to site to just 2-3 per year.

We have a demo unit available for viewing right now.

Our towers conform fully to the   mark and the trailer, which we offer as an optional extra, is also certified to all the relevant Transport Regulations. The whole tower can be deployed by a single operator in a matter of minutes, simply by winching up the tower top to the maximum height of 6.5M.

Gas or fuel storage is easily accommodated in the body of the tower cabinet, therefore negating the need for separate cages and security for the fuel supply.

All of the electronics are protected inside an IP 68 rated protective cabinet, with further provision made for both vibration and ingress of water into the Tower circuitry.



Each tower has a flexible design facility for the top mount, including;

– Thermal Recognition and Analytics
– ANPR Technology
– Infra Red / Optical Analytics Systems
– Radar
– Anti Drone Technology
– Audio / Floodlights / Xenon Strobes or Beacons
– Audio 1 way or 2 way

We can offer sales options on the bare-bones towers, the power alternatives and the CCTV equipment (installed or otherwise) that should give you all you need to get moving with rapid deployment tower technology.

One final feature we can offer is a tower vinyl wrap. This marketing tool gives you a unique company branding opportunity with each tower you deploy.

Your own personal demo is no more than a phone call away, so call our technical sales team today for more information and an appointment.

Download the PDF Data sheet here – LTS UK Mobile Surveillance Tower