LTS UK Ltd., offers an array of ANPR Technology Solutions to various applications that modern day society throws up as real life applications.

At base our reading technology Algorithm, well proven throughout thousands of sites and installations across the Globe, reading many varieties of plates from many Countries. The accuracy of the reading (road legal plates) is stunning. When you then couple that with the ability to add direction vectors and ’tilt angle’ compensation, you suddenly have a very powerful number plate reading engine.

We also offer a range of ANPR Cameras that have the ability to read Number Plates using either HD Analogue, or IP Technology in very high resolution. Equally we can read RTSP streams to provide the raw data for a number plate read from a Camera.

Typical applications include;

  • Number plate read, time, date, picture and plate country recognition.
  • Determining vehicle entry or exit to a facility or car park.
  • Time spent on site for monitoring, ticketing,charging or marketing purposes.
  • Entry or Exit via a barrier automatically opening for a ‘known’ list of vehicles
  • Access control ANPR for a set or timed period such as a holiday or caravan park.

We have a wealth of experience in many sectors of the Technology and the real life applications needing solutions. This also includes the use of Cloud based systems for larger site applications covering multi sites and or multi Countries. Please contact us for more details.

For more information see our ANPR APPLICATIONS section for white papers detailing these types of applications. These include the newest additions to the portfolio The All New Average Speed Check & Traffic Light Violation ANPR Technology for the Commercial or Private Sector. Click Here for more details.

A short form brochure detailing our ANPR Technology can be found by clicking the link – ANPR