Logistics Solutions Flyer – Reading Containers and Bar codes at high speed using CCTV Cameras

At LTS UK Ltd. we are happy to announce our all new product line: OCR camera LTU922-W for container ID recognition on STS cranes, truck flow, or fast moving train hubs.

The latest project utilised over 200 units in a major Netherlands port with following advantages:

  • Capture container ID’s on non-stop train/truck flow at up to 200 km/h (124 miles/h).
  • Built-in white LED light projectors ensuring day/night appropriate lighting conditions.
  • Avoid snow build up with built-in double-heater (-40oC ~ 60oC/-40oF ~ 140oF)
  • Anti-corrosion with powder coating camera housing IP 67 rated

The Camera can also be used for fast Bar Code scanning with super accurate high resolution pictures.

Multiple applications, software available.

Call us for more details – or click here LTS UK_logistics_solutions_flyer_Sep19