Affordable Metal Arches to tackle Knife Crime in the UK

The current situations in many Towns and Cities across the UK has seen a worrying trend in knife crime. This has become so bad we are almost seeing daily stories of lives being changed or lost due to the belief that it is necessary to carry weapons around to keep yourself safe.

As a result there is a need for an affordable solution to be able to detect knives and other weapons at the entry point to premises whether it be Schools, Colleges, Restaurants, Cafe’s, Bars, Clubs, Gigs, etc.

LTS UK Ltd. Is now happy to announce a new low cost ‘affordable’ 6 Zone Knife Arch / Metal Detector. Designed to identify Individuals carrying concealed weapons, before they become an issue when it is too late.


The LT-SUB500-6Z is a multi zone Knife Arch designed to look aesthetic and carry out a vital function in protecting and indeed potentially saving lives. The device is easily set up, and negates the need for continual calibration as well as being password protected with a tamper alarm. Flow control lights optimise the time of throughput minimising waiting times to pass through the device.

Please see the attached data sheet – Knife / Metal Detection Arches

Please contact us directly for a demonstration or price and availability